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Hi, I’m Caren Baginski, a 600-hour Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Yoga Therapist-in-training and the creator of Being Enough.

Do you have a yoga practice but haven’t gotten consistent results in managing emotional/mental stress and negative, critical thoughts?

As a fellow sensitive woman, I know just how difficult it can be to live with peace and purpose in a less-than-sensitive world.

I help my clients release the fear of being themselves in their relationships and at work, and reclaim trust in their ability to manage their emotions, so they can develop deeper connections with their authentic self and others.

Everything in life can be a catalyst for self-growth that encourages you to remember your true self instead of chasing your “best self.”

5 Powerful Mind-Body-Spirit Secrets That Sensitive Women Use to Release Self-Criticism & Create Strong Inner Trust In The Universe

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This practice is exactly what I use when I’m overwhelmed by unexpected events and worst-case-scenario thinking.

Learn to trust the Universe and let go of control so you’re not emotionally derailed with anxiety or fear.

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