Activate your true spirit.

Weekly lessons to infuse your life with positive patterns for greater peace of mind (plus, your new mantra)

I'm Caren.
Yoga is why I'm here today.
But this isn't about me—
this is about you.

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5-minute meditations to activate your true spirit (FREE) |

5-minute meditations to activate your true spirit

This series of 5-minute meditations will reawaken and activate what you need most, such as creativity and trust.

The hidden power of yoga postures |

The hidden power of yoga poses

Sure, yoga can help you get fit and toned, but there’s a hidden power of yoga postures (asana) that you should know about if you’re seeking peace of mind.

Find the courage to change your perspective with Handstand Pose |

Courage to change the things you can

Awaken your ‘Courage to change the things I can’ part of the Serenity Prayer through a courageous yoga practice. Handstand Pose, included!


What you need to ask yourself when you feel stuck

If you’re feeling stuck in your life and unsure of what decision to make, here’s what you need to ask yourself.

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"I have been dealing with my own depression and anxiety and You Again Yoga helped beyond words. Many of the sessions made me want to cry because what Caren was saying resonated so much of my own life. I can't thank Caren enough, this was exactly what I needed." —Breanna Lapointe
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