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A mindful way to know if you're in the right relationship,

A mindful way to know if you’re in the right relationship

Mindfulness through yoga is key to determining if you’re in the right relationship. Think about it all you want, but the answer lies in your body.


Why you need to say ‘enough is enough’ to yourself

To get out of unhealthy habits, we all have to draw a line in the proverbial sand and say to ourselves, “Enough is enough.” Here’s why and what to do next.

The power of mindfulness,

3 ways the power of mindfulness can change your life

Stuck in a rut or feeling anxious and not trusting that things will be okay? Discover the power of mindfulness: a simple practice that can change your life.

The simplest thing you could be doing to be more successful,

The simplest thing you can do to be more successful

Whether you’re feeling fatigued, indecisive or worried, here’s a simple practice to be more successful in your life, work and relationships.

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"I have been dealing with my own depression and anxiety and Caren helped me beyond words. What she was saying resonated so much with my own life. I can't thank Caren enough, this was exactly what I needed." —Breanna Lapointe