Live in your heart, not in your head.


Hi, I’m Caren — yoga and meditation teacher — and my mantra is “Where you are right now is exactly where you’re meant to be.”

Everything in life can be a catalyst for self-growth that encourages you to remember your true self, instead of chasing your “best self.”

I coach and empower heart-centered women to overcome patterns of self-doubt, anxiety, depression and stuckness that keep them from feeling good enough and fulfilling their dreams.

Let’s revive your confidence and self-worth so you can bring your big dreams to life.

5 Shifts High-Achieving Women Make to Overcome Self-Doubt and Anxiety

(While Pursuing Their Big Goals)

Caren speaks in a way that feels grounding and comforting. And at the same time so humble and relatable. I’m grateful to call her one of my guides.

- Jessi Walls

Caren’s classes are absolutely transformative. There is so much thought and consciousness put into the way that she sequences, and she is truly present in every moment of class, energetically holding a space for each of us as we work through our own growth and movement.

- Lynn Townsend

What Caren has taught me has helped me to become not only a certified yoga instructor, but a more compassionate and mindful human being. Her knowledge of yoga is extensive, and her application and practice of yoga as she walks through life is impressive.

- Michelle Dummer