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I'm Caren.
Yoga is why I'm here today.
But this isn't about me—
this is about you.

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The yoga of desire, HappyMomentum.com

The yoga of desire

The key to no-guilt desires and longings — and tapping into what you most want — can happen on the yoga mat.

Are you practicing someone else's yoga? HappyMomentum.com

Are you practicing someone else’s yoga?

There is no straight shot to your divinity. No foolproof path. Just make sure the path you’re on is yours.

Get closer to bliss (even when you argue) | HappyMomentum.com

Get closer to bliss (even when you argue)

Can you really use conflict and arguments to get closer to bliss? The five koshas of yoga can show you how.

The divinity of being a control freak, HappyMomentum.com

The divinity of being a control freak

Control freaks, unite! One of the goals of yoga is to control the body, breath and mind. Here’s why you’ll fit right in.

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"I have been dealing with my own depression and anxiety and You Again Yoga helped beyond words. Many of the sessions made me want to cry because what Caren was saying resonated so much of my own life. I can't thank Caren enough, this was exactly what I needed." —Breanna Lapointe
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