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this is about you.

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Accepting the emotions you don't want to feel, CarenBaginski.com

Accepting the emotions you don’t want to feel

  When was the last time you got palms-sweaty, heart-racing, throat-clenching angry? I’ll tell you mine. Yesterday. I had had a good run of it, too, before yesterday’s incident. It would be so easy to blame the Pitta in me, but the truth is, I let my emotions overtake me. I overindulged my imbalanced third […]

Why you don't get what you want, CarenBaginski.com

Why you don’t get what you want

Merely wanting something will not magically cause it to appear. Forgo set-it-and-forget-it intentions and try the sankalpa yoga process.

Listen to your silence if you want to be free, CarenBaginski.com

Listen to your silence if you want to be free

You cannot access what you need to hear if you do not listen to your silence. And if you do not venture into silence, you will never truly feel free.

The essential yoga power you might not be using, HappyMomentum.com

The essential yoga power you might not be using

If you’re on the yogic path, tapping into this essential yoga power can lead to a happier and more fulfilled life. And the best part is: You already possess it.

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"I have been dealing with my own depression and anxiety and You Again Yoga helped beyond words. Many of the sessions made me want to cry because what Caren was saying resonated so much of my own life. I can't thank Caren enough, this was exactly what I needed." —Breanna Lapointe
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