“Just breathe.”

How many times have you heard this little gem?

  • Maybe someone said it when you were in the middle of a panic attack.
  • A well-meaning family member offered it when you were losing your mind.
  • A coworker tried to help you from spiraling into a pit of endless work.

What — exactly — does “just breathe” mean to you?

And, more important, can that simple reminder actually help you end a panic attack or go to sleep with ease?

It’s well-known and researched that changing your breath is one of the simplest and quickest ways to change how you feel.

But do you know which yoga breathing technique is best for you?

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I’m Caren, and after teaching thousands of people how to use their breath to cope with anxiety and stress, I discovered one very important thing: Yoga breathing is not one-size-fits all.

Until you learn how to become your own teacher — until you know what soothes your body and mind — you’ll be stuck following someone else’s pranayama plan for your relaxation.

The magic words “just breathe” don’t work nine times out of 10.

But they can if you know which specific and easy yoga breathing technique works well for you.

I created this free five-day video series to offer you tangible relief from anxiety and stress and to help you learn about yourself in a deeper way. (Note: When you sign up, you’ll also be added to my eletter list for more yoga and meditation content. You may unsubscribe at any time.)

After completing this course, you’ll know how to control your anxiety, stress and worries as they happen using the one thing you always have with you: your breath.