The 5 Shifts Sensitive, High-Achieving Women Make to Overcome Self-Criticism & Fear of Failure

(While Pursuing Their Big Goals With Confidence)

If you’re a sensitive or empathic woman who’s also ambitious and an overachiever, yet…

You’re struggling with self-criticism and the fear of failure that’s blocking you from feeling satisfied and well-rested…

And you’re on a personal and holistic growth journey (yoga and/or meditation are your jam)…

Then this presentation is for you, my soul sister!

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In this FREE masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to RELEASE FEARS like failure and rejection and invite in a DEEP TRUST and INTUITION to manage your emotions in a healthy way, ESPECIALLY when you’re overthinking or worried.
  • The REAL reason why you feel STUCK, reactive or seem to self-sabotage in work and relationships… and why you shouldn’t blame yourself.
  • My #1 FAVORITE way to accomplish more in your life and work WITHOUT feeling super stressed, overwhelmed or adding a ton of new to-do’s to your schedule.
  • How to reclaim PEACE and PLEASURE every day, instead of “shoulding” all over yourself or repeating unhealthy habits that ultimately make you feel worse about yourself (Netflix binge, anyone?)
  • The SIMPLE mindset shift you need to GAIN FREEDOM from critical, negative thoughts AKA the “I’m not good enough” voice in your head.
Caren Baginski

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Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Hi, I’m Caren, a 600-hour Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Yoga Therapist-In-Training and the creator of Being Enough.

Do you have a yoga practice but haven’t gotten consistent results in managing emotional/mental stress and negative, critical thoughts? As a fellow sensitive woman, I know just how difficult it can be find peace of mind in a less-than-sensitive world.

I help my clients release the fear of being themselves in their relationships and at work, and reclaim trust in their ability to manage their emotions, so they can develop deeper connections with their authentic self and others.

“Being Enough is a path to freedom. Caren is a wise, loving, authentic guide who challenges and supports at the same time. Her meditation technique remains my go-to every week and I now cannot envision my life without it. It instills so much relaxation and focus that helps me to separate the unimportant from the important and aids me in the pursuit of my goals.” —Karla

“Caren creates a space that is divinely inspirational and transformative. I feel empowered and heart-centered.” –Ana