The #1 Meditation Style I Recommend For Peace of Mind… That Also Changed My Life

Two years ago, I practiced 19 yoga nidra meditations over the span of two weeks and experienced one of the biggest breakthroughs of my entire life.

I need to preface this by spilling a secret.

When I first tried meditation, I thought I was totally “bad” at it, that I “couldn’t meditate,” and it “wasn’t for me.”

I got so discouraged by my busy, negative thoughts that I abandoned the practice for years.

Even though there are mounds of scientific evidence to the contrary, my fear of failure convinced me that, “Well, meditation just doesn’t work for me.”

If I could go back to younger Caren now, I’d toss my arm around her shoulders and say, “You’ll never believe what you’re going to grow up to be! A meditation teacher.”

She would have laughed in my face. Anyway… back to the breakthrough! I have this rarely known — but not rare — condition called misophonia.

Basically, trigger sounds like crunching carrots, slurping soup and repetitive sniffling cause my sensitive nervous system to involuntarily freak out. Heart rate increases, fight/flight turns on and emotions like anger, disgust and fear flood the mind-body.

Um, you can imagine how well this goes over at meal time. 🤯

Eating with people is a struggle for me, which has been highly disruptive and isolating throughout my life. When I was younger and had no idea about misophonia, I was the moody teenager who preferred to eat in her room.


I learned that I had to control my environment or it would control me.


You better believe that I got really good at controlling things in my life.

Turns out? That doesn’t work so well when you want to be in a deeply loving relationship. Or have a successful career. Or feel like you’re in the flow of your life.

In 2017, I set out on a quest to overcome misophonia because it was ruining my most important relationship: my marriage.

That’s how I found myself in a yoga nidra teacher training, learning the neuroscience and scientific studies behind how this style of meditation changes your brain over time.


If you’re not familiar with yoga nidra, it boils down to this:


  • You lie on your back, completely supported by props.
  • You are guided by a teacher to systematically deeply relax your body and mind while remaining conscious and awake.
  • In so doing, you access the deepest state of peace and wellbeing in order to release overwhelm, stress and trauma… effortlessly.

Which leads me to the breakthrough I had.

Some 19 guided meditations + 1 big crunchy salad with my husband led to an absolute miracle that I’d never have expected: For the first time in as long as I can remember, my nervous system and brain didn’t react to the crunching sounds.

I experienced NOT ONE moment of rage or anxiety or needing to leave the room.

It was like misophonia didn’t exist.

I cried into my french fries at the restaurant.

Don’t be like mid-20s me who thought she was special and that meditation wouldn’t work. That’s just the fear of failure dressed up in sheep’s clothing.

The truth is, I wish I would have found yoga nidra sooner.


Yoga nidra is the type of meditation I recommend to everyone who says they “can’t meditate.”


It’s my favorite meditation technique because it freaking works. 

It has been shown to help PTSD, anxiety, depression, improve sleep, release long-held emotions, and access deep states of peace of relaxation not experienced in other meditation styles.

Anyone can practice yoga nidra and there’s no way to do it “wrong.”

Now, I want to share its magic with you so you can deepen your own practice of learning how to let go of control and allow the universe to take care of you.


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Love, Caren