You are not your depression.

Here’s why I know and what I did to overcome depression and lead a fulfilling life.

Spoiler alert: You can, too.


Depression used to be my bestie.

When I was a teenager, the stress of a competitive school environment plus my family’s genetics collided into staying up late, sleeping all day, self-isolating depression. After I had my first suicidal thoughts, I sought help the way most of us do: I took an antidepressant.

The drug helped, and I grew up and was able to wean off it. But those feelings of failure — like there was something deeply wrong with me — never fully went away. Even when I was experiencing deep joy, I subconsciously worried that it would be for the last time.

I couldn’t shake feeling disconnected and hopeless — and I could never anticipate what my mood would be like in a day, a week or a month. I felt like a victim to my mood for the rest of my life.

After college, in my first “real” job and fresh off a devastating break up, my worst nightmare came true. I hit rock bottom and nearly ended my life that night. But, I had been here before and I knew the routine.

The next day, I drove myself to the doctor.

This time, the antidepressant wreaked havoc on my system. It left me nauseated, anxious and an insomniac. I felt like a shell of myself, going numb through the motions of life. I vowed that if I could stop cycling through medications, I would.

Then, in divine timing, my friend introduced me to yoga. And it completely changed my life.

During my first yoga class, I laid in savasana (the final resting pose) and realized that for the first time in a LONG time, I hadn’t had a single depressive thought.

That one hour of freedom sparked possibility: If I could get out of my 24/7 cycle of melancholy for one hour through yoga… feeling better suddenly seemed possible. And most important, doable.

I came to yoga because of depression, and I came out of depression because of yoga.

Through my yoga and meditation practice, I trained my mind to stop sabotaging me. I realized that I had a choice in my happiness. I stopped using sleep to escape my circumstances. And I rediscovered close relationships, opening up to a deep sense of purpose and spirituality that has created ease and calm despite the ups-and-downs of life.

That’s why I created You Again Yoga.

Yoga and meditation can be your path to being you again. Reverse negative self-talk through movement (asana), daily meditation and learning to feel the power of the present.

In 30 days, you’ll move, breathe and rethink your way back to You. Where is the You (with a capital Y) who knows that everything is going to be okay? She or he is patiently waiting within.

Because the truth is, you do not deserve to watch the re-runs in your mind that say you’re worthless, anxious, empty, depressed, hopeless. You deserve to feel connected, empowered, hopeful and… joyful!

This practice is powerful, and I hope you’ll make it yours.

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Practice You Again Yoga on your iPad, tablet, iPhone or Android

Daily declarations of hope

For 30 days, I’ll be your meditation guide. Grab some tea, your most comfortable blankets and meditation cushion, and set up shop for 10 minutes in a quiet place of your choosing. Play the meditations on your phone, tablet or computer — wherever you choose to download and keep them. Here’s a sample:


Week 1: AWAKEN

Awaken to who you really are (not your emotions) and empower yourself with life-altering mantras. Show up for 10 minutes each day and be handsomely rewarded: For the first time in weeks (months? years?), you’ll get a break from feeling like you’re alone.

Week 2: INTEND

Declare your unspoken and (perhaps) undiscovered desires/wishes/dreams and give them wings upon the power of intention. After this week, your newfound ease and clarity may surprise you — and everyone around you will want to know your secret.


Reaffirm what you already know to be true deep down — and if you don’t, you’ll be convinced: You are worthy, loveable, important. Consider this 10 minutes a day like your personal cheerleader (without the pom poms) and brace yourself for impending joy.

Week 4: RENEW

Abandon your old way of thinking and adopt a new outlook: that contentment can be found right here, right now. This week is just the beginning of a life spent worrying less, loving more and finding your way, again and again, back to ease.

Mood-boosting yoga practice videos

In addition to 30 meditations, you’ll receive four weekly yoga practice videos. I guide you through a series of postures— safe for all ability levels — specifically designed to elevate your mood and release what’s stuck.


Buy You Again Yoga | $50

What you get with You Again Yoga

  • 30 meditation audio files
  • 4 yoga practice videos to prepare your body and calm your mind for meditation. Each 10-12 minute video will easily fit into your day. Practice anytime you want, as much as you want and without an Internet connection.
Jen Sarkela“What I am learning, and what You Again Yoga helped me realize, is that I can’t get all the answers outside of myself. I do have an inner guide and the more I tune into that I will find those answers and that feeling of peace. The last day… was a samadhi experience for me; it felt like I was one with the Universe, my body was tingling, I could feel so much energy. I really do believe that ‘everything is going to be okay’ and it is your light and generous spirit that has helped put me on this path.” -Jen Sarkela
Jason Wrobel“This program is like a cool spring in the middle of the desert. Caren feels like a trusted advisor… like a family member you can fully trust. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for comfort, perspective and a renewed sense of Self.” -Jason Wrobel, Celebrity Vegan Chef



Who is You Again Yoga for?

I know deep down inside there’s a voice saying you don’t want to feel the way you do… yet you can’t find the motivation to get out of it. It’s time to listen to that voice and consider that there is an alternate way to heal your mood than the things you’ve already tried. If you identify with anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder or any mental block that’s keeping you from feeling like yourself, YAY is for you. Whether you’re a complete beginner or current practitioner, you’ll find comfort and healing in this program.

Can’t I just go to a yoga studio instead?

Of course, but the various types of yoga and training of your teachers may not be specifically geared toward helping you overcome depression and anxiety. In fact, some types of yoga can exacerbate the condition by revving up your nervous system, instead of relaxing it. The yoga postures and the meditations in YAY are specifically created and chosen to alleviate symptoms and create new, positive pathways in your brain to transform you from the inside out — all from the comfort of your home.

What if I’m on an antidepressant?

As you can tell from my story, these drugs have their time and place and it is not shameful to take one. As you continue to practice yoga and meditation, you may feel empowered to come off your medication. If that time comes, please consult with your physician in order to do so, as I am not qualified to help with that.

Can I do You Again Yoga if I’m injured or pregnant? 

Absolutely. I encourage you to attend to your body’s needs, whether that’s using a wall to sit in meditation to support your spine or with legs outstretched instead of crossed. If you are pregnant, you may modify the weekly yoga practice videos to suit your trimester. The practice is suitable for all levels to keep you safe in your body, but because I am not there to observe you and offer modifications, the rule of thumb is: If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. Like any yoga or fitness studio, read my disclaimer and terms that you agree to by purchasing this program.

When will I receive the meditations and videos?

This is a self-paced program and you will receive all files immediately for download after you purchase. The most important part of You Again Yoga is your willingness to commit to show up every day for 30 days. The program is most powerful when no days are skipped.

Will this help me create a regular meditation habit?

Yes! From a group of 50 people who have taken YAY, only 16% said they meditated daily before the program. After YAY, 83% said they were “extremely or very likely” to continue meditating daily.

How is the course delivered?

Once you purchase the course, the files are delivered immediately to you in a .zip file via email.

Do you give refunds?

When you purchase You Again Yoga, my hope is that you’ll be inspired and motivated to complete the practice to improve your well-being. For that reason, I don’t offer refunds.

Emily Cordes“You Again Yoga with Caren was heartwarming, comforting and such a beautiful way to practice meditation. Caren has a soothing voice that helps you relax and stay present, and somehow she always manages to know just what to say. I would recommend YAY to all my friends, family and students (I also teach yoga) as it is a beautiful series no matter how experienced you are with meditation. If you are considering this course, you won’t regret it!” -Emily Cordes
Amber Morgan“Caren’s calming voice and guided meditations gave me exactly what I needed to move through my day with ease. I was able to refocus my energy inward and not identify with all of the outside noise. Just me. Refocused. Re-energized. Realigned.” -Amber Morgan,


Buy You Again Yoga | $50